Students need to know their multiplication tables fluently before they can begin working with fractions and geometry. This requires memorization, and teachers who use online activities designed to practice multiplication on interactive whiteboards have found that teaching memorization can be as entertaining as it is educational.

Virtual Manipulatives

When introducing multiplication, use lots of manipulatives to allow students to visualize and practice multiplication. Download number line bars to demonstrate multiplication on a number line. Rectangle multiplication lets students visualize the multiplication of two numbers as the area of a rectangle.

Interactive Times Tables

Have students practice multiplication problems on an interactive multiplication times table or with interactive multiplication flash cards. A challenging activity is to have students fill in a multiplication chart. They can choose specific levels to fill in, or they can attempt to complete the entire chart on their own.

Develop Speed and Fluency

The only way for students to memorize their times tables and develop speed is to practice, practice, practice. Teachers know that children are more likely to continue working on a task they enjoy, so there are tons of teacher-created multiplication practice games for the interactive whiteboard for you to try with your students. Here are a few of my favorites. Nothing beats old fashioned flash cards. These will do the job for you in a fun way. In The Ants Go Marching, students have to quickly answer multiplication questions to keep ants from eating their food. Multiplication Grand Prix lets students compete against each other to win a car race by answering multiplication problems quickly. At the end of the race, students see their ranking, and they can review their speed and accuracy, as well as what problems they missed so they know what they still need to practice. With the Math Safe, students solve multiplication problems to work at opening a safe. Students can assess themselves to see where they need practice with this division and multiplication tester.

Videos to Reteach Strategies

Use your smart board to create a video that students can watch if they need to review strategies for solving multiplication problems. Post the video on your teacher website so students can access it from home. Another fun resource are the School House Rock multiplication videos.

These are just a few of the ways that I’ve seen interactive whiteboards used to teach multiplication. How have you used your smart board to teach and help your students practice multiplication?