I have taught kindergarten for over twenty-five years and during those years have seen many changes. One day, a little over two years ago, I arrived at school and saw my chalk board had been replaced by a” Smart Board.” I was one of only two teachers to be given a “Smart Board.” We were given no training and left on our own to figure out how we would use these boards. I easily discovered Smart Exchange and Smart Notebook and began using some of their lessons. A few months later, the other teacher, heard of Gynzy and asked me to research it.

First experience

The first, program I used was Hang Man. I was thrilled how easy it was to use and to save.

Gynzy are actual people that want to help!

Then one day, I had a problem and clicked on the Help. Lo and behold, I immediately got a response and suddenly came to the realization that there were actual people and people that wanted to Help! It had been my experience as an educator that a click, email, and even a call did little to help you with a technical problem. I can’t say enough about Gynzy, how easy it is to use, and how responsive the Gynzy team is to your needs. The Gynzy team, believes in their product and actually wants to Help you to use it and use it successfully! I seem to think of something I would like to see and it appears. The fact that you only have to open one program and at your fingertips are so many lessons is amazing!