We’ve all seen the signs: eyes anywhere but on the teacher, bored-to-tears expressions, zero class participation and the inevitable uptick in behavioral disturbances — It’s not hard to spot a lesson in the middle of tanking. That means more time spent re-teaching objectives and less on projects or enrichment activities. Learning to spot the warning signs of a lesson doomed to failure can save a teacher time and frustration. Before executing a lesson on your interactive whiteboard, check for these 4 signs of a lesson that will fall flat.

1. You didn’t do a run through.

Just because it works on your home computer doesn’t mean it will work on the school computer. Many excellent interactive whiteboard lesson have been ruined by videos that wouldn’t play or graphics that didn’t show up. Take the time to make sure the files that open without a problem on your personal computer open just as easily at school.

2. Your slides are full of large blocks of text.

Your interactive whiteboard is not just a vehicle for text. Make sure that every lesson showcases its ability to bring multimedia presentations into the classroom. Incorporating images, videos, music and games into your lesson will keep your students engaged and learning all period long.

3. Your students don’t get to interact with the board.

No need to treat your lesson like a slide show. Let your students show what they know by writing, playing games or solving puzzles on the board. If you’re lucky enough to have a student response system integrated into your board, you should be using it frequently to check for understanding. Working those checks into your lessons will help you catch any students who are struggling to comprehend the material.

4. You took your pen and paper lesson plan and threw it on the whiteboard.

A new interactive whiteboard means rewriting your lessons to utilize all the features your board can offer, not just throwing your old word documents up on the screen. Take advantage of interactive white board software like Gynzy, and use it to upgrade your lessons. Your time investment will pay off when your lessons execute beautifully, and you spend less time re-teaching. Have any other warning signs for which educators should be watchful? Share them below in our comments section.