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September 9, 2020
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The beginning of a new school year is a time filled with both excitement and uncertainty.

With Gynzy, you can provide students with a positive learning environment and engaging, standards-aligned lessons and activities to help prepare them for this year and beyond.

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Virtual Activities that Make Good Class Warm-Ups

Our Back to School activity is designed to help you ring in the new year. But there are many other educational games and activities in our Library that are fun and will get students excited about learning in the new school year.

Our collection of energizers and Math and Movement activities are designed to get students’ blood pumping! Get the day started with some jumping jacks or dance moves.

Spot the Difference challenges students to study the visual prompts to try and find all five differences. Find the Hidden Object is another similar game that students can participate in just by studying their screen.

Our Photo of the Day activity is a fun way to see amazing pictures while learning about different locations from around the world. With 50 mesmerizing photos to choose from and additional details available about each location, Photo of the Day is a great addition to any lesson plan.

If you want to start this new year off by having students brush up on their letters, our Letter Songs are a fun option for young students. These can also be paired with our letter lessons to further help young students learn new letters and begin to decode unfamiliar words as they read.

One of our favorite activities for any occasion are SEL activities. Social-emotional learning helps create a healthy environment where students can acknowledge their thoughts and feelings to promote their own mental well-being. It can be difficult to learn or retain new information when stressed or anxious, and SEL helps us confront these unpleasant emotions so that we can work past them constructively.

Enhance Your Digital Curriculum with Gynzy

Gynzy is loaded with lesson plans that teachers can easily customize and share with students. What's more, Gynzy makes it easier than ever for you to create lessons for an interactive whiteboard.

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