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Photo of the Day

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Photo of the Day

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Take your class on a virtual field trip and discover a new part of the world every day with beautiful photos on your Interactive Whiteboard! What do you see? What part of the world are you looking at? Elicit curiosity and critical thinking skills, allowing students to share their observations and findings. This activity contains a collection of carefully selected, high-quality, and thought-provoking photos from special locations around the world.

Each picture is a mini-lesson that contains the photo, information, location, and links to be used in class. The Information tells what/where the image is and contains information so students can learn more about these beautiful locations and monuments. Location challenges students to drag the thumbtack to where the image is located in the world. The links tab has resources such as drone footage, 360° views, and external web links to learn more.

Teaching Tips

Use this activity to develop students’ spatial and critical thinking skills, by having them make observations and discuss what they see, analyzing the photo of the day. Be sure to first allow students to silently observe the photo thoroughly for an adequate length of time. You might choose to use one of our timers to keep track of this.

Have students write down or discuss what they observe. What specific details stand out to them? What questions do they have about what they see? Students can come up to the board and use the pencil tool to pinpoint specific observations.

Have students make connections. This can be a comparison to a different location or structure, a connection to something they’ve read or watched, or a memory that comes up.

Can they name the location or find it on the map?

Click on the next page to discover information, location, and links. Students can do further research on a specific location or topic.

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