Must-Have Kindergarten Math Lessons and Tools

April 20, 2023
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Kindergarten teacher using math tools on a digital screen

If you're a kindergarten teacher, you're in the right place!

In this blog post, you'll find a preview of the must-have math tools and lessons available from Gynzy.

Teach Counting Objects

Open math tools on your interactive whiteboard to show students how they work.

You can use them as your main visual during a lesson, or as a supplement to the manipulatives you already have in your classroom.

Numbers and Operations in Base 10

Within Gynzy you'll recognize digital versions of these classroom essentials, too.

Digital base 10 blocks on an interactive whiteboard
Tool: Base 10 Blocks

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Teaching Basic Principles of Counting

Because Gynzy is full of ready-made lessons aligned to Common Core standards, you’ve got lots of material to choose from.

Counting and Cardinality Lessons

Introduce students to recognize numbers and associate them with objects.

You can use our lessons as-is, or customize and save them to your Lessons folder.

Kindergarten math lesson about counting on hands
Lesson: Counting on Hands

A sample of the different math lessons you’ll find in our library include:

Beginning Addition

Using a math tool to learn about composing numbers to 10
Tool: Number Bonds
Example of a math lesson for kindergarten students about decomposing numbers
Lesson: Decomposing and composing numbers to 5

Compare Numbers

Example of a kindergarten math lesson about recognizing quantities up to 10
Lesson: Recognizing not enough and too many to 10

Curious about trying our kindergarten math lessons and tools in your own classroom?

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