Numbers to 10 on the number line
Numbers to 10 on the number line

Numbers to 10 on the number line

Numbers to 10 on the number line

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Students learn to place numbers from 0 to 10 on the number line. They count forward and back and learn that every line represents one number.

Common core standard(s)



Discuss with students that it is important to be able to put numbers on a number line, so they know where a number belongs. They can use this to help determine if a number is more or less.


Stand in front of the class and take a step counting forward with each step "one, two, three, four, etc". Then take steps backwards, counting backwards with each step "five, four, three, two, etc". Ask students to count the steps you take out loud, counting forwards and backwards while you step up to 10. Ask a few students to come to the front to step, and have the class count their steps out loud.


Explain what a number line is and make a number line by making a physical number line (with number cards and a clothes line) or by drawing one on the interactive whiteboard. Tell students that the lowest number always is at the start, so the left side, that every line represents one number, and that the numbers are in the same order as the counting sequence. Discuss with students that you always count forwards from left to right, and that you always count backwards by counting right to left. Point at the numbers as you do so, and then have the students count out loud with you.

Check that students understand number lines and numbers to 10 on the number line by asking the following questions:
- What is a number line?
- How do you put a number on the number line?
- Where do you start counting?
- When do you count forward and when do you count back?

Guided Practice

Students practice placing numbers on the number line with counting back on the number line. They practice by starting with a number line with 10 numbers on it, and ending with a number line showing only 2 numbers.


Check that students can explain what a number line is and that they know why it is useful to be able to place numbers on the number line. Check that they can put numbers to 10 on the number line and have them use counting forward and backwards to do so.

Teaching Tip

Students who have difficulty placing numbers to 10 on the number line likely have trouble counting forwards and backwards to 10. Have them practice counting forwards and backwards to 10, making use of manipulatives if needed.

Instruction materials

Number line with number cards from 0 to 10.

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