Counting on Hands
Counting on Hands

Counting on Hands

Counting on Hands

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Students learn to recognize amounts from 0-10 on their hands by connecting the number of fingers to numbers.




Practice recognizing numbers to 10 by pointing at numbers on the board in a random order. Have students call out the selected number.


Show the images of hands with pointed fingers. Discuss them one by one. Demonstrate the hand gesture and let students copy this action. The numbers are said aloud while students show the amount with their hands. Practice all numbers from 0-10, and allow students to practice this skill in pairs.

Check understanding by asking the following questions:
How many fingers do you have on both hands?
How many fingers do you have on one hand?
Can you put up four fingers?


The students practice by looking at images of fingers and matching them to the correct numbers. Then they will fill in the correct number based on the number of fingers they see.


Point at a random number on the board and ask the students to show the amount on their hands and say the number aloud.

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