Base 10 Blocks
Base 10 Blocks

Base 10 Blocks

Provide a visual understanding of math concepts with these place value blocks.

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Understanding place value is an essential mathematical skill. This tool is a great resource for visual problem solving and building numbers. Students can work with base 10 blocks to practice counting and adding on the interactive whiteboard.


In the settings menu, you can choose for students to practice with images of blocks or eggs. You can also select specific place values to work with including ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands. Finally, you’ll be able to select if you want to display a place value chart or a simple window for students to drag the blocks/eggs into.

To use the tool, students drag the blocks or eggs into the place value chart or window. Then click on the “Calculate” button and the tool will automatically reveal the sum of the numbers. You can also choose to click the “Generate” button and the tool will automatically place blocks or eggs into the window to create random numbers.

Use the “Reset” button to clear the window and reset the blocks/eggs.

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