Get students involved as a brain break or a fun way to review numbers!

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Play bingo with your class! A fun activity to review numbers or simply to use as a brain break, that gets all students actively involved.

Play with 2 teams on the board or give each student an individual bingo card. Need bingo cards? No problem. With this tool you can generate and print bingo cards that match the settings of your game. Using the settings in the tool, you can determine how many numbers to play with and what size bingo card to play on, whatever best suits your classroom needs.


Individually or in 2 teams
Select how you’d like to play bingo via the settings. You can choose two playing styles: in 2 teams, or individually.

If you select the option “individual,” you are given the option to print bingo cards. Select the number of bingo cards required and click Print. Click save and start the game!

Make sure to discuss the goal of the game with your students. Are you playing for a row, a column, diagonal or a full card? Click the “Play” button to draw a number. Does someone have a bingo? Then click the button "? Bingo!".

If you play Bingo with 2 teams, the tool will display 2 bingo cards on the interactive whiteboard that you can cross numbers off of. In this mode, you can play for a row, column, or full card.

Select the bingo card layout and numbers used
You can determine the bingo card layout, playing either 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5 cards. You can determine numbers to use on the cards from the range of 9-75.

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Gynzy is an online teaching platform for interactive whiteboards and displays in schools.

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