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Core Duties of a Modern Teacher

May 14, 2014
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Teaching professionals today have more responsibility besides conveying information to students and managing student behavior. Teachers are role models and mentors helping students achieve lifelong goals long after the students have graduated. The main objective of an educator is to help lift up a person socially, emotionally, personally and intellectually. Interactive whiteboards help educators fulfill classroom responsibility for student development all through preschool, elementary school, middle school and high school years. The Gynzy online whiteboard and Library helps educators unlock their smart board through access to our powerful lesson creation software and pre-made learning materials.

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Instructional Preparation

The primary role for a modern teacher centers upon instructional activities in the classroom. The teacher must plan, develop, organize and prepare lessons for the instructional day before students arrive in the classroom. Teachers should also research ideas for lessons and activities using modern smart board technology that would enhance the quality of the classroom instructional time. Effective lesson planning helps to enhance the quality of the instruction students are receiving. Interesting lessons presented using smart board technology helps retain student interest in the subject.

Many teachers lack the time to develop incomparable and efficient lesson plans that will motivate students to learn and develop good study skills. Teachers that make the time to create meaningful lessons discover that daily teaching tasks are easier. Both students and teachers will have more fun during the day because of the extra time spent on classroom preparation and the incorporation of the smart board into the lesson plans.

Classroom Management

One of the challenges of a modern teacher is the ability to effectively monitor and manage the behavior of students in the classroom. Disruptive students can interrupt the well planned out lessons of any teacher. Teachers use tools to help them establish working classroom management rules of behavior that students are expected to follow in class. Elementary school teachers use behavior charts. Middle school and high school teachers write referrals. The smart board can also be used as a tool to help manage student behavior. Teachers can provide the behavioral rules in an interactive manner, can show the daily schedule to offer students some structure and motivate students to participate by offering interactive games and groupwork.


In addition to preparing lessons and presenting the lesson materials to the class, teachers maintain attendance records, grades, reports on student conduct and perform other housekeeping tasks. Teachers are responsible for taking attendance in the morning for elementary school students. Middle school and high school teachers take attendance each class period. The smart board computer is a tool that can be used to help teachers take attendance and perform other record keeping duties. Teachers should have well developed organizational skills to balance these record keeping tasks within each instructional day.

Student Assessment

Teachers measure student learning through tests and quizzes. Teachers use quality assessments to measure learning objectives and student performance in class. Feedback in the form of graded assignments, tests and quizzes informs each student about how they are doing in specific subject areas. Students that are performing well and learning the material should retain good study habits. Students that are not performing as well should seek outside help from the teacher and study harder. Technology in the form of computers and the smart board can help teachers provide ways to assess student learning in the classroom.

The integration of technology in the classroom provides another way for teachers to assess student learning. Smart boards are excellent tools that help facilitate the interactive assessment of providing right or wrong answers to students. Teachers can use smart board programs to add a visual change or sound that will instantly provide correct or incorrect feedback to students studying for tests and quizzes. The smart board technology is a tool that can help students practice for exams. Smart board technology preparation helps students overcome many test-taking problems. Students will be more prepared to do well on teacher assessments.

Integration of Technology in the Classroom

Teachers today are required to adapt to using computers to take attendance and record student grades. Technology has changed the way students are educated in modern times. There is a wealth of information available for student learning on the Internet. Smart board technology helps teachers and students tap into this educational resource. Today teachers use technology to help students learn critical thinking skills, solve problems and create knowledge beneficial to students living in today’s society. Children can learn to use good judgment in making informed decisions about issues presented to them in classroom discussions through smart board presentations, videos and other visual aids. Teachers have more time to work with students individually or in smaller groups.

New Methods of Teaching

Many teachers today are encouraged to adapt new teaching methods that integrate the art and science of learning. Modern teachers understand that educators today should develop a committed relationship between an educated professional interested in the development of motivated students in the classroom. Teachers learn to teach a classroom filled with children coming from different cultural backgrounds. They focus upon understanding each child’s individual educational needs, interests and abilities.

Traditional teaching roles are out and modern teaching methods are in. Today the primary role of a teacher is to counsel maturing students, to teach students wise personal choices and to mold them into productive members of modern society. Teachers challenge students to undertake a more active role in the classroom through interactive smart board technology, group instruction and hands on educational activities. The most respected teachers are educational guides and facilitators motivating students to excel in the classroom.

Students work harder in class when teachers provide them with the opportunity to have a say in how they learn. The most important responsibility of educators today is to explore new educational methods that will encourage students to solve real-world problems. With Gynzy, educators have access to more than 1,500 standards-aligned lessons, games, activities, and tools to keeps students engaged.

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