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Gynzy is the all-in-one Interactive Whiteboard software that has everything educators need to run a 21st century classroom. Our library has a combination of standards-aligned lesson plans, bite-sized activities, and class management tools that unlock the potential of your Interactive Whiteboard. Gynzy makes your job as a teacher easier, while bringing a dynamic element to your lessons that students will love, whether your class takes place online, in-person, or in a blend of the two.

Engage students

Studies have shown that the use of Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom is associated with better student outcomes, primarily by providing Internet access, visual aids, and interactive classroom activities. Gynzy allows you to search YouTube and our image library so that you can incorporate visual aids into your lessons, allowing your students to better understand abstract concepts. And your students will love our interactive activities and exercises!

Empower teachers

Gynzy allows educators to seamlessly integrate digital media and interactive exercises into the classroom, to everybody’s benefit. Even better, it works with any Interactive Whiteboard or other Internet-connected device—no downloads required.

Use and customize our lessons, or create and save your own!

We are constantly adding new lessons to our library, which you can use to save time preparing lesson plans for class. These lessons, activities, and short presentations cover a range of topics, from fractions and prepositions to character-building and health & safety. We also have themed lessons for holidays and major historical events. Gynzy has a lesson for every occasion!

All of our lessons are available for you to use as is, or to customize how you’d like.

Gynzy also makes it easy for you to create lessons of your own. Teachers can now save and organize lessons into folders, making it easier than ever to blend interactive lessons into topics you’re already covering. Want to create lessons with a consistent look and feel? Check out our page templates.

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Mix things up with an activity, game, or interactive exercise

Students today are accustomed to using screens. A recent study into young Americans’ technology habits showed that the average child between 8 and 12 spends about 4 hours and 44 minutes using “screen media” every day

When you incorporate Interactive Whiteboard software into your curriculum, you are communicating with your students in a way they will respond to. By introducing our interactive learning games and activities into the classroom, you are diversifying the ways that students can engage with the subject matter you are covering. 

Get students thinking and having fun with activities such as:

Classroom management tools for your Interactive Whiteboard

Gynzy is fun for students, and it also gives educators many tools they can use to manage the behavior of their classroom. Gynzy comes equipped with multiple clocks and timers for your Interactive Whiteboard. Use the adjustable analog and digital clocks to teach students to tell time, or set a timer to facilitate tests and class discussions.

The ability to integrate visuals into your lesson plans is one of the top benefits of using an Interactive Whiteboard in the classroom. The voice level and traffic light tools, among other interactive widgets, give students an easy visual cue as to how they should behave. Use Gynzy’s classroom management tools to keep your class on schedule. 

There are also simpler widgets teachers can use in a variety of ways. The wheel spinner could be a fun way to start class discussions, or it could be seamlessly integrated into lessons to promote interactive problem-solving. Sticky notes can give you another tool to highlight important information throughout your lesson plans.

When you use Gynzy, the only limit is your creativity!

Use Gynzy to unlock the potential of your Interactive Whiteboard

Gynzy is the all-in-one teaching software that will unlock the power of your Interactive Whiteboard. It is easily customizable and provides you access to a library of lessons, activities, images, widgets and more that will modernize your classroom and engage your students.

Don’t take our word for it — try the Gynzy board for yourself!