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Raise student engagement with fun classroom activities.

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Class activities from an Interactive Whiteboard provide a good break from the textbook-based learning and test-taking that most students are familiar with. Our educational warm-up activities for your Interactive Whiteboard allow you to vary your curriculum to better engage students and encourage classroom participation.  

Gynzy is the all-in-one Interactive Whiteboard software for your classroom that helps educators engage students with pre-made lessons and activities and customizable widgets and tools. Combined with many personalization and collaborative features, Gynzy has everything you need to bring your classroom into the digital age. Create a free account today!

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Activities that Engage and Educate

Gynzy activities are specifically designed for student participation, while also reinforcing core skills such as spelling, sequencing, comparing & contrasting, logical deduction and more. 

We encourage teachers to invite students up to the board so that they have more and different kinds of opportunities to participate in class. This proactive approach will encourage students to interact with one another as they pool their knowledge to try and work through fun activities such as:

We spend a lot of time at school, and sometimes a small diversion from standard coursework is to everybody’s benefit. Gynzy activities allow educators to introduce some fun into class while still reinforcing skills and concepts that are critical to academic success.

Classroom Warm-Up Activities to Start the Day

Sometimes it’s nice to start the day with a quick warm-up to get students’ blood pumping. Morning Energizers offers multiple prompts and activities designed to get students moving around. There are also fun drawing prompts that will encourage students to get creative to get the creative juices flowing. All of these prompts are enriched with our Spin the Wheel widget.

Other activities are aimed at getting students interacting with one another. Context Clues gives students 11 challenging exercises in which they must try to infer the meaning of new vocabulary through surrounding details. Sequence Stories gives students four jumbled images to be arranged into a logical timeline, encouraging discussions about past experiences.  

We continue to add new activities to Gynzy because we know that they can unlock the potential of your Interactive Whiteboard. Engage your students today by utilizing the interactive nature of your smartboard!

Fun Classroom Activities that will Engage Students

Classroom activities and warm-ups are useful tools in engaging students and inspiring them to take an active interest in the concepts being discussed. Inviting students up to the Interactive Whiteboard is also a great way to encourage productive socialization. We encourage you to experiment to see what works best for your classroom. 

If you haven’t already done so, create a free Gynzy account and begin exploring the all-in-one teaching software that will engage your students while saving you time preparing lessons.