Warm up: Find the hidden object (fall-themed)
Warm up: Find the hidden object (fall-themed)

Warm up: Find the hidden object (fall-themed)

Enjoy this fun, fall-themed activity.

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Can you find the Hidden object?

Find the hidden object is a fun activity which can be enjoyed by people of all different ages and cultures (think Where's Waldo).

Visual recognition games such as Find the Hidden Object are not just fun, however. For young students, a game like Find the Hidden Object helps students comprehend and recognize differences between objects. It also teaches them how to concentrate on details and to be thorough. The difference is, they might be having so much fun they won't notice they are very subtly learning!

The Interactive Whiteboard is a perfect way for students to have fun and learn while playing Find the Hidden Object. The large surface helps make it a collaborative activity that is accessible to young students. The interactive nature of a smartboard also encourages student participation in a fun environment!

Our Find the Hidden Object activity includes 10 different visual prompts of varying difficulty. Take time out of your class to reward students with this activity, or simply drop one slide into another one of your lesson plans to switch things up.

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