Giving change to 20 dollars

Giving change to 20 dollars

I can give change to $20.00.

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Giving change to 20 dollars

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Students will be working with larger dollar amounts. They will count coins and bills to make change up to `$`20.



Learning objective

Students will be able to give change to `$`20.


Students begin by reviewing the values of the various bills: `$`1, `$`5, `$`10, and `$`20. They are reminded that the number in the corner tells their value and what you should count by when using them. This is important when making change with larger bills.


Students start the lesson by counting change up to `$`5.00. They learn to start by counting the“cents” to the next dollar amount, in this case `$`5.00. After the change is given, it is counted to see how much they received back. The skill is reinforced as students practice purchasing and making change for several items. Moving on, students count bills from even dollar amounts. Following this, they count from amounts that are not even as they again practice purchasing and making change for bills higher than `$`5.00.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students view a menu from a concession stand. They choose an item to buy and what they want to use to pay for it. Space is provided to drag and drop the change and then they are encouraged to count it up. This is open-ended so students can continue to practice buying and paying for another item.

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