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Play fun games while building skills such as spelling, math, and logic.

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The main benefit of using Interactive Whiteboard software in your classroom is that it lets students get comfortable with concepts in a less stressful environment than, say, a test. Luckily, Gynzy provides many fun brain games for students that they will love to play, while practicing important concepts such as multiplication, vocabulary, and spelling.

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Explore some of our educational games


Practice spelling and vocabulary by playing Hangman – spell the word correctly to keep Virko together!

Connect the dots – Multiplications

Practice multiplication by connecting the dots to reveal the animal underneath.


Play the classic logic game Sudoku with animals instead of numbers. Board is 6×6 instead of 9×9 for accessibility.

Word search

Find all the listed words to practice spelling and learn about different kinds of animals.

word search

The Music Maker

Make and save your own songs or hear the ones on our library. Control piano and drums!

Music Maker Thumbnail

Sequence Stories

This game gives you stories with four panels to be arranged in their logical order.

Sequence Stories Thumbnail

Memory – Addition

This memory game is a fun educational game for kids to practice addition.



An amusing math game to learn the concept of counting, addition, and subtraction.


Spot the Difference

Spot the differences between the two pictures to practice noticing details.

Spot the Difference
Find more games in our library

In combination with our other classroom activitiespre-made lessons, and class management tools, Gynzy is the ultimate teaching software for saving educator time and engaging students. We strongly encourage you to create an account and begin organizing your lesson plans into folders.

Gynzy lessons are great for covering new topics, and our games & activities are fun to use at any time. With Gynzy, the only limit is your creativity!