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These educational games help students practice critical skills and can be played at home or in the classroom.

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Learning games are a great way for students to have fun while practicing spelling, math, and problem-solving skills. The Gynzy Library has a wide variety of educational games and activities that students can enjoy online or on an interactive whiteboard in the classroom.

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Explore some of our most popular learning games

Memory: CVC Words

This version of our customizable matching tool helps students recognize CVC words!

Game Show (Brain Breaks)

This variation on our popular Gynzy Game Show contains many fun riddles and puzzles!

Would You Rather…?

This activity features 20 fun “would you rather” questions. Try writing your own!

Sudoku (9×9)

Sudoku is a classic game that tests number recognition and logic. Try all 3 difficulties for a challenge!


Practice spelling and vocabulary by playing Hangman – spell the word correctly to keep Virko together!


Find as many words as you can by connecting letters on the board. Test your vocabulary with Ruzzle!

Word search

Find all the listed words to practice spelling and learn about different kinds of animals.

word search

Fraction Flags

Practice fractions by coloring in the square with the right amount of different colors.

Sudoku (6×6)

This 6×6 version of Sudoku uses animals instead of numbers, making it a bit easier.

The Music Maker

Make and save your own songs or hear the ones on our library. Control piano and drums!

Music Maker Thumbnail

Sequence Stories

This game gives you stories with four panels to be arranged in their logical order.

Sequence Stories Thumbnail

Spot the Difference

Spot the differences between the two pictures to practice noticing details.

Spot the Difference
Find more games in our library

The best part of Gynzy is how customizable it is. Two of our most popular tools for creating educational games are the Gynzy Game Show and the Memory/Matching tool. You can view other fun classroom activities and learning games right on our Library.

Our educational games and activities make up only one part of our Library. We also offer thousands of pre-made lesson plans that are fully customizable and standards-aligned. These lessons cover subjects including:

At Gynzy, our goal is to save educators time and keep students engaged with online learning materials on a variety of subjects. Our educational games are an important piece of an educator’s toolbox and can be easily combined with our lessons to create a more engaging learning experience.

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