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To help educators teach their students important skills in reading and writing, Gynzy offers hundreds of standards-aligned English lessons in our Library. These lessons are fully customizable and enriched with learning games, images, classroom activities, and widgets to keep students engaged. ELA lessons from Gynzy cover topics such as:

  • Recognizing letters and decoding words
  • Parts of speech and punctuation
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing skills for multiple types of texts
  • Researching & gathering information
  • Building vocabulary
  • Handwriting numbers and letters

To start customizing and delivering great ELA lessons, create a Gynzy account. Once you’ve put your personal touch on your lessons and begin presenting them on our online whiteboard, you’ll find that teaching important English skills has never been easier. 

Recognizing Letters and Decoding Words

Recognizing letters and relating them to sounds is a critical part of learning to speak, understand, read, and write English. A portion of our Library is dedicated to phonics lessons to help teach students about these concepts.

Once students have gotten comfortable with these concepts, they can begin learning sight words, CVC words, and the other building blocks of early vocabulary. Our full range of lessons on these topics includes:

We also offer multiple games and activities to help students recognize letters, including our popular letter songs activity which includes 4 unique songs to help students learn every letter. Bingo is a fun group activity students can also use to practice recognizing letters.

Parts of Speech and Punctuation

Although language comes naturally to us, many people are intimidated by grammar. Luckily, our grammar lessons break down common grammatical concepts in a way that is visual and engaging to make the concepts accessible for students of any age!

Lessons for younger students cover foundational concepts such as writing letters, using end punctuation, and the rules of proper capitalization. There are also lessons covering proper subject-verb agreement and the difference between simple and compound sentences. Additional topics covered include:

Our pre-made lessons are made by experienced educators and enriched with games, activities, images, and more to keep the information approachable and accessible. Try searching our Library for topics your students want to learn more about, such as “parts of speech” or “types of sentences” to find more content related to what you’re looking for. 

Reading Comprehension

The ability to gather and analyze information from a text is a vital life skill. Reading skills are developed throughout one’s life, but Gynzy lessons offer an interactive and visual element that appeals to and engages students who don’t consider themselves strong readers.

An important reading skill to develop is the ability to find the main idea of a text and identify the details and facts being used to support it. Other lessons we have that help students develop their reading comprehension skills include:

We believe that reading is and should be fun. In order to give students more entertaining passages to read and analyze, we also have lessons about myths and fables. Gynzy can help any lesson plan be fun and engaging, no matter what the subject!

Writing Skills for Different Types of Texts

Writing skills help students communicate their ideas and thoughts clearly, whether in school, at home, or in other social situations. To help students develop a well-rounded toolkit of writing skills Gynzy offers lessons about:

One of our most popular writing activities is our story prompts, which include 23 image prompts that students can write a story about. Try focusing on developing specific skills in your stories, or just write something fun. As long as students are writing they are learning!

Researching and Sourcing Information

Modern students are bombarded with information, and not all of it is reliable. Particularly when answering questions, finishing assignments or writing essays, it’s important to identify credible sources and use them to inform ourselves about the topic. Lessons that we have covering this important topic include:

Once a student has identified a credible and reliable source, paraphrasing the text can be a very useful exercise in identifying the facts supported by the source being used.

Building Vocabulary

Building our vocabulary of words is a lifelong pursuit that happens without us realizing it. There are, however, core concepts in English that we can recognize to help us understand words that are unfamiliar to us, and to expand the words we are comfortable using. Some of our lessons that cover these topics include:

One classic game to help students continue developing their vocabulary is hangman, which allows users to create, edit and save custom word lists. Reviewing common sight words is another good way to build the foundation of a student’s vocabulary. 

Reading and Writing English with Gynzy

English is a complicated language and there are many different skills and concepts students can work on to become stronger readers and writers. Luckily, our English lessons are enriched with activities, images, widgets, and more, to keep students engaged and interested in the concepts being taught, no matter where class takes place. 

The ELA lessons are only a fraction of the more than 1,500 standards-aligned lesson plans on Gynzy covering topics such as:

Get started today by creating a Gynzy account. This gives you the ability to create, edit and save custom English lessons on our online whiteboard.