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Teach reading, writing, and grammar with Gynzy lesson plans!

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Teach your students to read and write English by unlocking the power of your Interactive Whiteboard! Gynzy offers English lesson plans for teachers that are enriched with widgets, multimedia, and classroom activities. Our library of Common Core-aligned ELA lessons covers topics such as:

Gynzy also offers fun word-based educational games such as Hangman, Word Search – Animals, Synonyms & Antonyms, Context Clues, and more. Use and customize our lessons, games, and activities, or create your own materials on our online whiteboard.

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Teaching Students about Grammar

Although language comes naturally to us, many people are intimidated by grammar. Luckily, Gynzy breaks down common grammatical concepts in a way that is visual and engaging to make the concepts accessible for students of any age!

Lessons for younger students cover foundational concepts such as writing letters, using end punctuation, and the rules of proper capitalization. There are also lessons covering proper subject-verb agreement and the difference between simple and compound sentences

Our English lesson plans also cover different word forms and functions, such as:

This is only a small sample of the grammar lessons we offer in the Library. Have a look for yourself to find engaging lesson plans covering a wide range of important grammatical concepts.

Help Students to Read with your Interactive Whiteboard

The ability to gather and analyze information from a text is a vital life skill. Reading skills are developed throughout one’s life, but Gynzy lessons offer an interactive and visual element that appeals to and engages students who don’t consider themselves strong readers.

Our English lesson plans offer clear reading comprehension and analysis strategies, such as:

We believe that reading is and should be fun. In order to give students more entertaining passages to read and analyze, we also have lessons about myths and fables. Gynzy can help any lesson plan be fun and engaging, no matter what the subject!

Teach Students to Write Better with Gynzy

Writing skills are important so that students can communicate their ideas and thoughts clearly, whether in their social lives or on class assignments. To help students develop a well-rounded toolkit of writing skills Gynzy offers lessons about:

Sometimes it is helpful to practice writing skills in-class activities that are collaborative and engaging. Our identifying verbs activity helps students better distinguish between nouns and verbs so that they can be more comfortable when writing. Our sorting into categories activity helps students group words together so that they can comprehend and use them better.

Teaching students how to read and write is easier than ever with interactive English lesson plans, games, and activities from Gynzy. Our lessons are aligned with the Common Core and a valuable asset in making reading and writing accessible for modern-day K-8 students. Create a Gynzy account and start finding valuable pre-made lessons on our Library today!