Synonyms & antonyms

Synonyms & antonyms

Improve students' vocabulary with this interactive activity!

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Synonyms & antonyms

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This fun classroom activity encourages students to practice recognizing and using synonyms and antonyms. It contains a pre-made game to practice synonyms and antonyms, as well as a template for creating your own game. In this game, students think of synonyms and antonyms for each uncovered word.

Recognizing synonyms and antonyms is critical for improving reading comprehension. Synonyms and antonyms help students expand their vocabulary when writing. They also help students with reading comprehension when dealing with difficult texts or unfamiliar words.

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Reveal a word underneath and then name a synonym for that word. Then, call on a classmate to say an antonym. That classmate comes up and reveals a new word, and the cycle continues.

On another slide, you can choose your own words to fit the specific needs of your classroom and let your imagination run wild!

Teaching tips

Be sure to invite students up to the board to choose words for themselves. Get your class excited about vocabulary with this activity!

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