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Online Classroom Games for Interactive Learning

Make any lesson a fun and engaging experience for students.

For teachers in today’s modern classroom, online games offer a dynamic way to elevate interaction, capture students' attention, and cater to diverse learning styles. 

Whether it's a quick, lively game to rejuvenate the class energy or an immersive part of your structured lesson plan, our smartboard games provide the flexibility to enrich every teaching moment. 

Embrace the potential of interactive learning and watch as your classroom comes alive with Gynzy!

Using classroom games online

You can create games from scratch, or find ready-made versions to play if you're looking for something quick!

This makes it super easy to integrate and bring new levels of engagement to your lessons. 

Daily Warm-Ups: Kickstart the day with an interactive game to stimulate the brain and set a positive tone.

Subject Integration: Seamlessly incorporate games into core subjects to support learning concepts.

Discover Games from Gynzy 



Sharpen young minds with a game that improves focus and cognitive skills, setting a solid foundation for more complex learning.

save the robot

Save the Robot (Hangman)

Build vocabulary and spelling with this classic game that brings language lessons to life with thrilling guesswork and teamwork.


Gynzy Game Show (Jeopardy)

Review and reinforce subject knowledge with a competitive twist, turning test preparation into an exciting game show experience.



Customize this versatile game for any subject to foster whole-class involvement and reinforce key concepts.