Online Activities for Students in the Classroom

Fun learning activities to fit any lesson plan.

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Integrating technology into the classroom is a growing priority for teachers, and our online activities for elementary students make this integration smoother and more effective than ever. 

Designed to engage students and enhance the effectiveness of your teaching methods, these digital tools transform traditional lessons into dynamic, interactive experiences!

They not only provide informative content but also infuse your classroom with an element of fun, ensuring that learning becomes a delightful adventure for your students.

Activities from Gynzy

classroom quiz

Classroom Quiz

Host live quizzes to engage your students! Quickly create or choose from various ready-made, subject-specific multiple-choice quizzes.

hot seat

Hot Seat: Animal Pantomime

In 'Hot Seat: Animal Pantomime', a student guesses the animal acted out silently by classmates - a fun, interactive team game!

would you rather

Would You Rather...?

Get to know your students with a fun game of "Would you rather...?" Students can come up to the board and drag an emoji to the box of their choice.

number bonds

Number Bonds

Students go through a series of exercises to practice composing to 10 or 20, with fun animations and sounds to keep them engaged!

floating and sinking

Floating or Sinking

Explore buoyancy with 'Floating or Sinking'. Students predict and test if objects float or sink, adding a hands-on element to learning.

pattern blocks

Pattern Blocks

Have students exercise creative thinking and create structures or patterns on the interactive whiteboard using pattern blocks.

building blocks

Building Blocks

Recreate buildings based on height numbers, build from an example, or have students build their own structure with the 'free build' option.

Using digital activities for students

Designed to stimulate and engage, Gynzy activities can be used on any interactive whiteboard or digital screen available to you. 

Easy to Use: Our user-friendly platform ensures that you can incorporate activities seamlessly into your lessons.

Teach Your Way: Whether it’s about letting off some steam after lunch or gauging student comprehension, the way you use them is up to you!

Add Variety: From customizable interactive quizzes to getting-to-know-you icebreakers, there’s always a way to add something fun and educational to your students’ day.

student with a right asnwer