Schools around the country are trying to grapple with how to keep classes running smoothly in the event of an unexpected school closure, as is being discussed in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. The reality is, though, that distance learning, or learning that happens when teachers and students can’t physically be together, is an old concept—and one that Gynzy makes more engaging than ever with our interactive, multi-media enriched lesson plans. 

You already know that Gynzy can unlock the power of your Interactive Whiteboard and improve student engagement in the classroom. But Gynzy can also be used to enhance your e-learning and distance learning capabilities. Sign up for a Gynzy account to see for yourself!

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Distance Learning isn’t New

Distance learning goes at least as far back as 1728, when a Boston teacher began offering lessons for shorthand writing through mail correspondence. While technology has obviously evolved since then, the principles remain the same: distance learning offers a way for students and teachers to connect, teach, and learn, even if they are not in the same room.

There are two categories of distance learning: synchronous learning, which happens in real-time through a web conferencing app such as Google Hangouts Meet, and asynchronous learning, where students can access learning materials on their own schedule and pace. 

Google is expanding their freely-available e-learning offerings through Google Hangouts and Google Classroom in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. Until July 1st, Hangouts Meet will allow for 250 participants per call, and users will be able to record meetings and save them to Google Drive. Combine these amazing features with Gynzy to improve your distance learning capabilities!

Luckily, both of these methods are available to you through a Gynzy school-wide account. A web conferencing app allows teachers to present lessons to students in a way that is interactive. Certain apps even allow teachers to give control of the presentation to students, so that students can interact in real-time with the materials. This is a form of synchronous distance learning.

Gynzy can also be used for asynchronous distance learning, or learning materials that students can access at their own pace. Teachers can create and share their own lesson plans with students (or access and customize our pre-made lessons), so that students can access the materials flexibly. This has the added benefit of accommodating students who learn at different paces.

What Are the Benefits of a School-Wide License?

Because Gynzy’s lessons are aligned with national standards, educators can be confident that students are getting a quality education when using our materials. Gynzy also makes it easy for educators to create and organize folders, so that staff can access and collaborate on quality lessons that fit the needs of their students.

All of our lessons are loaded with interactive games, discussions, and multimedia elements designed to get students personally engaged in the material. This is crucial because “interaction is essential to distance education,” so that students can stay focused on their studies even if they are in a different setting than they are used to.

By registering for a free school-wide trial, educators can work together to create and share engaging lessons with one another (a school-wide trial allows for unlimited teacher accounts). With Gynzy, teachers can use their creativity to help each other craft better lessons, to better engage their students no matter the circumstances.

Connect Your School Users With Gynzy

With a school-wide Gynzy license, educators in a school or district can freely collaborate and share lessons with one another to combine efforts, save time, and ultimately deliver a better learning experience for students. Sign up for a Gynzy account and begin expanding your digital teaching capabilities today!