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Get rewarded making lessons with Gynzy

Get rewarded for each finished lesson made with Gynzy

Make beautiful interactive whiteboard lessons with the Gynzy whiteboard software. Based on goals of the state standards, every lesson will cover part of the curriculum. By making lessons you will help support thousands of teachers by relieving workload and engaging students.

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Made by teachers, for teachers

Lessons in Gynzy are made for teachers, who better understands what they need than other teachers? Use your creation skills now to make lessons for our new Gynzy board and support your fellow colleagues while getting paid to do so!

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Gynzy lessons aligned with the common core

No matter what state you live in or what variation of the state standards you use at your school, Gynzy will provide all the lessons you need. Help us get there faster by making lessons together. Every lesson will be aligned with the state standards.

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Lesson examples

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