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Get rewarded making lessons with Gynzy


Get rewarded for each finished lesson made with Gynzy

Make beautiful interactive whiteboard lessons with the Gynzy whiteboard software. Based on goals of the state standards, every lesson will cover part of the curriculum. By making lessons you will help support thousands of teachers by relieving workload and engaging students.

Made by teachers, for teachers

Lessons in Gynzy are made for teachers, who better understands what they need than other teachers? Use your creation skills now to make lessons for our new Gynzy board and support your fellow colleagues while getting paid to do so!

Gynzy lessons aligned with the common core

No matter what state you live in or what variation of the state standards you use at your school, Gynzy will provide all the lessons you need. Help us get there faster by making lessons together. Every lesson will be aligned with the state standards.

Lesson examples


Gynzy uses a different program to format the guided practices, so all you need to do is think of 10 questions and answer choices for the questions. Questions can be multiple choice, drag and drop, fill in the blank, short answer, etc. Please bold the correct answer(s) for each question.

We are not allowed to publish lessons using images unless they are from the Gynzy library.  Therefore, we try to use Gynzy Library images as much as possible.  If you absolutely cannot find something you need, let us know through Slack or Email and we will reach out to our illustrator who can create something similar that would work.

Don’t worry about the yellow icons or the navigation bar in the sample lessons. We will take care of that on our end.

Yes, you can create worksheets for students to use along with your lesson.  We are still figuring out how to implement this, but for now, just send us the worksheet and we will format it on our end. 

Please email your lesson link to

All stories, passages, and other texts used in our lessons must be available in the public domain. Public domain means it is no longer protected by copyright law.  As a general rule, any text written over 95 years ago would be considered public domain. Here is a great resource to use to find texts/ stories/ passages:

Here is another resource specifically for younger children’s stories/ texts: If you check it out, they have thousands of texts and almost all are in the public domain. It’s a really great resource to use and you can search for anything you’re looking for.

Here is a resource that might make it easier to navigate through texts as well: Alternatively, you can also write your own content for your lessons. I hope that helps!


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