Voice Levels

Show students which voice levels are appropriate for different situations.

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Voice Levels

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Managing the noise level of students in the classroom is a constant challenge that teachers face. Teachers need to be able to set clear expectations so that students understand how they are expected to behave during lectures, presentations, tests, and other classroom activities.

The easy-to-use voice levels tool allows you to set what the volume should be in your classroom. Just select the volume level that you expect from your students, providing a visual reminder of what the noise level of the class should be. The number of volume levels and their names can be easily modified from the tool settings.


Click the gear icon on the bottom-left of the tool to adjust the sound levels to fit the needs of your particular classroom. You can choose to hide the labels if you’d like. You can also choose to display anywhere from 2-6 voice levels at a time. Experiment to see what works best for your classroom!

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