Classroom Seating Chart
Classroom Seating Chart

Classroom Seating Chart

Design a floor plan for your class with assigned seating!

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Realistic classroom layouts

Choose from different types of furniture, plants, decorations, and more!

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Drag-and-drop student names

Import students and attach them to tables in a snap!

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Everything in one overview

Cover your day using multiple seating charts and classroom configurations!

Create a classroom layout

With our classroom layout maker it’s easy (and fun!) to design a floor plan for your class!

Drag, rotate, and resize your furniture until you’ve got a layout you’re happy with.

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Build your seating chart

Assigning students to a seat is as simple as dragging names over to tables in your floor plan.

Color-code specific students to make sure you have the right mix.

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Gynzy is an online teaching platform for interactive whiteboards and displays in schools.

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