Tone vs. Mood

I can distinguish between tone and mood in literature.

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Tone vs. Mood

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There are some things that can't be said in words, and tone and mood fall under that category. Tone can be defined as an author's general attitude toward a subject they are discussing, while the mood is how the reader feels about the text. The mood a reader receives is often intentionally manipulated by the tone an author uses.

This lesson gives multiple short passages and asks students to distinguish between the tone and mood of the text.



Learning Objective

Students will distinguish between tone and mood in literature.


Review tone with your students and explain why it is important for authors to use particular words to convey the tone to readers. Students will read short passages about airplanes and Shakespeare and identify the tones of each passage. Students will say why distinguishing between tone and mood is important.


Go over the definitions of "tone" and "mood." Next, they will read more passages and determine the author's tones. They will discuss how tone and mood are often similar. They will also pick a tone and mood and write sentences to match them.


These ten practice problems emphasize the distinction between tone and mood, and the ways that we can identify each.


Students will recall what they learned about tone and mood:
- What are the differences between tone and mood?
- What can our mood towards a text reveal about our feelings about the author's writing?

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