Sorting into categories

Sorting into categories

A collection of exercises for students to sort words into different categories.

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Sorting into categories

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Sorting words into categories helps students visualize how objects are related. This activity lets students practice categorizing words based on characteristics such as season, vowel sound, pronunciation, and topic.

The title page also includes a link to a longer lesson about different ways words can be categorized. Together, these two resources can get students actively involved and thinking about the ways objects can be related or unrelated.

To see the full lesson on sorting words into categories, click here.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify and sort words into categories.


Students are given multiple series of objects and asked to categorize them based on similar characteristics. The last activity includes spining the wheel to select one of four categories (e.g., ocean animals, jobs) of words. How many words can students think of that belong in those categories?

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