Sort words into categories

Sort words into categories

I can identify and sort words into different categories.

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Sort words into categories

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Sorting words into categories helps us visualize the similarities and differences between objects and words. It also allows students to understand different letter combinations and vowel sounds. Creating categories for different objects is also a good way to practice describing an object in different ways.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify and sort words into categories.


Students will look at a group of images and think about what the images have in common. They will also sort fruit. They will learn that sorting means putting things that are in the same categories together.


Students will be presented with two different attempts at sorting vehicles and furniture, and pick the one that was sorted correctly. They will also come up with names for categories with similar objects. Next, they will sort summer and winter images. After that, they will look at patterns in words to sort them.


Review the concept with 7 multiple-choice questions and 1 drag-to-sort question.


When this lesson is over, students will be asked to reflect: Why do we sort words into categories? What are some different ways words can be sorted?

Teaching tips

Invite students up to the board to sort activities into either summer or winter. Consider asking students to name new activities that aren't already listed.

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