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Silent e

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The letter "e" is the most common in the English language, and many times it is not pronounced, particularly when it comes at the end of a word.

Sometimes the "e" at the end of a word is pronounced, sometimes it isn't. This lesson helps students to recognize common patterns, and also to recognize words that break that pattern. It will teach students to better recognize and understand words that have a silent "e" in them.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to explain what silent e means and identify words that follow this spelling pattern.


To begin with, this lesson reinforces the distinction between words with short vowel sounds versus words with long vowel sounds.


Students will be introduced to the story of silent e. Next, they will explore several words that have silent e. The first word they will look at is "kite." For each word, students will say the word. Emphasize that the e at the end is silent. Students will read the word again. They will do the same with the word, "race" and "cube."

They will complete a series of activities identifying words with silent e. They will read words with missing letters and add e to complete the words. They will also identify silent e words and discuss "rule-breakers," such as, "have" and "above."


Students are given ten questions which quiz them to recall common words that include a silent "e," and to distinguish between words where the ending "e" is pronounced.


Students are asked to reflect: how can you tell if the letter "e" at the end of a word is silent or not? Students will play a short game as a class and name as many silent e words as they can in one minute. Lastly, students will play a spin the wheel activity that practices long silent e words.

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