Sensory words

I can tell how words and phrases relate to my senses.

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Sensory words

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Sensory words are words that relate to our senses, particularly our five major senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound.

Sensory words help us describe our experiences in a way that readers can understand and relate to. Sensory details often allow a reader to use their imagination when reading a text.

This lesson will help students categorize words they already know by which sense those words describe. They will also brainstorm new sensory words to expand their understanding of this subject.

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Learning Objective

Students will be able to tell how words and phrases relate to their senses.


How would you describe ice cream? What does your favorite flavor taste like? Does it have a smell? Does ice cream make noise? Describe your sensory impressions of ice cream.


Students will think of words they can use to describe how something looks, feels, tastes, smells, and sounds. They will also sort words into those five categories. They will then complete sentences with sensory words, such as "Mom's chocolate chip cookies smelled so ..." Then, they will read "Noisy Noisy" by Jack Prelutsky and find the sensory words. They will read three passages and decide which senses the authors are appealing to.

Guided practice

Students are given ten exercises which ask them to use, identify, and analyze sensory details.


Why do authors use sensory details? What are some words you can use when describing how something looks, sounds, or feels?

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