Rhyming words

I can identify and produce rhyming words.

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Rhyming words

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This lesson covers simple, one-syllable rhyming words that students will recognize. It also includes numerous activities designed to get students brainstorming rhyming words of their own!



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify and produce simple rhyming words.


Have students look at the words on the board: Clock, lock, and sock. Ask what those words have in common. Point out that all of those words end with the "-ock" sound.


Explain that words that rhyme have the same ending sounds. See if students can think of words that rhyme with "bat" and "cat." Students then read a word and write a rhyming word in the empty box. For example, "red" rhymes with "bed." Next, students will think of words that rhyme with "jet" by filling in the empty boxes to complete the rhyming words. Explain that not all rhyming words end in the same letters. They just need to end in the same sound. Students will then drag words to the box with the correct rhyming word.


Students respond to 10 questions. They will identify rhyming words and drag words to make a rhyme.


Students drag to match the rhyming words and place them in the correct boxes.

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