Recognize and correct fragments

Recognize and correct fragments

I can recognize and correct fragments in a text.

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Recognize and correct fragments

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A complete sentence is made of a subject and predicate, and this is a foundational concept of English.

A fragment is an incomplete thought or sentence that is missing either a subject or predicate. Fragments are very common for young students, and learning to recognize and correct sentence fragments is a critical goal in ELA education.



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize and correct fragments in a text.


Students will review the concepts of subject and predicate. They will complete sentences by dragging subjects to their corresponding predicates. Explain why it is important to be able to recognize fragments.


Students will read four fragments and determine whether the fragments are missing subjects or predicates. Next, students will work in pairs to make the fragments into complete sentences. They will read a group of fragments and complete sentences. They will classify the words and justify their answers.

Explain that fragments can sometimes be corrected by adding a comma, such as in this sentence: "Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father of the United States, who is known for being an inventor. Students will practice this skill with this group of words: "Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocals. Which helps thousands of people to see." Then, students will distinguish between complete sentences and fragments. They will also read a short passage and correct any fragments.


These 10 problems ask students to identify the subject and predicate of sample sentences. They are then given a sample passage and asked to identify the complete sentences and the sentence fragments.


Students are asked to reflect: how can you identify a sentence fragment? How can you correct a fragment? Why is it important to complete our thoughts when we communicate?

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