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QR Code Generator

Create custom QR codes to add fun shortcuts to your lessons.

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QR Code Generator

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With this tool, you can easily create QR-codes to add to your own lessons and show them on the interactive whiteboard. By clicking the gear in the bottom left, you open the settings. Here you can enter a URL or other text. Students can scan the QR-code from the interactive whiteboard using a device like an iPad. The QR-code generator supports the input of a URL or plain text. By adding a URL, you invite students to open a website or video on their own device, like an instructional video, a story, or a website with more information to enrich learning on a particular topic. By adding plain text, you can send a (hidden) message to students, give the answer to a challenge question, or provide a challenge question for students who are ready to move to the next step.

What is a QR-Code?

The letters QR stand for 'Quick Response.' A QR-code is a type of barcode built using small blocks. The QR-code contains information. This information is often a link to a website. By scanning the QR-code, you can quickly and easily open a website without needing to type in the URL. Most modern devices with a camera, like iPads, can recognize QR-codes. This means that you usually don’t need to install any extra app.


Make a Discovery Board: Scanning a QR-code has a bit of an fun, adventurous element. It makes people curious to discover what it is hiding. You can surprise students or challenge them to make discoveries. An example of this is a Discovery Board, in which a full-screen image has a selection of QR-codes with specific information.

You can also print, laminate, and cut out QR-code cards to hand out to students in class.

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