Picture Bingo

Play bingo with images instead of numbers!

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Picture Bingo

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Play bingo with vivid images grouped into different themes. In the Settings menu, you can select from more than 10 themes, including seasons, special days, and other topics like healthy foods and sports. Each theme consists of images belonging to that category.


You can play the game in 2 ways, with 2 teams (or 2 students) on the interactive whiteboard, or individually, where students play (individually) with printed bingo cards. The game mode can be selected in the Settings menu of the tool.

If you play with 2 teams, the 2 bingo cards are shown on the interactive whiteboard. Students can cross off the played images by touching the image on the interactive whiteboard. Click on the “▸ Play” button to select the next image. When a student correctly fills the card, the “▸ Play” button turns into “Next” to celebrate their win.

If you choose to play the game with individual students, the settings menu gives the option to print the bingo cards. (Tip: Laminate the bingo cards so you can reuse them.) After you select “Save,” the tool shows 2 buttons, “▸ Play” and “? Bingo.” Select “▸ Play” to select a new image. If a student has a full card, select “? Bingo” to celebrate their win.

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