Morning Routine: Weather
Morning Routine: Weather

Morning Routine: Weather

Track the current season and the weather for each day.

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Take a few minutes each day to talk about the weather. What's the weather like outside? Sunny? Cloudy? Windy? Identify the season, then use our spinner and weather graph to determine the weather for the day. Have your students make predictions about what the weather will be like tomorrow!


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Learning objective

Students will be able to identify different kinds of weather and observe and describe the weather for the day. They will be able to compare and contrast weather conditions each day.


Use this weather template in your morning routine. First, drag the current season to the box. Students can then use the spinner to demonstrate the day's weather by clicking on the section of the wheel that shows the type of weather they want to select. To record the weather on the bar graph, simply go to the corresponding column and tap at the next gray line.

Save it as your own lesson so you can pick up where you've left off each day. To reset the template, just open the original presentation again from the Gynzy library.

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