Measuring Cup

Measuring Cup

Practice graduated measures and reading a measuring cup.

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Measuring Cup

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Use this tool to practice reading graduated measures and reading measuring cups without actually needing to use real water in the classroom. Use the different measuring cups on the interactive whiteboard.

Measuring cup


The measuring cup can be enlarged on the interactive whiteboard to easily show marks and measures. Use the drag button on the side to determine the amount of water in the measuring cup. You can also use the plus and minus buttons below the measuring cup. Use the shuffle button to fill the measuring cup with a randomly selected quantity of water.

Use the settings to set the measuring cups to meet your classroom needs. You can select your measure (Metric or U.S. Standard) and the format: regular, normal (½ gallon), and small (⅛ gallon). In addition, you can select 1 or 2 display units for the measure on the measuring cups.

Tip: you can also choose to have 2 (or more) measuring cups to compare two quantities. You can use this to explain that a comparable water level does not always mean the same water volume.

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