Map of Europe

Practice map skills and locate the countries in Europe

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Map of Europe

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Take a trip through Europe with this colorful and interactive map!

Explore countries, major cities, and bodies of water, or practice identifying them by simply clicking on the map.


Choose from “Explore” or “Practice” mode in the tool settings. Then choose the region and geographical features you want to work with.

Click "Save" to start exploring!

Need a closer look? Use the plus and minus buttons to zoom in on the map or pinch the screen with 2 fingers. The mini-map at the top right helps you see which part of the map you’ve zoomed in on.

Make the names of the geographical features appear and disappear by clicking on them. With the option "Show names by default," you choose whether all names are initially visible or not.

At the top left, you’ll see a legend with your chosen geographical elements.

Time to practice! In the settings, choose the number of exercises you want to practice with and click "Save" to begin.

A bar appears at the top with the exercises. For example, “Find London on the map.” You’ll automatically be directed to the region in which you have to search.

Simply click on a location to see if it’s correct. If it’s not, give it another try. Are you stuck? Then click the “Show answer” button and move on to the next exercise.

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