Latin suffixes

I can form and know meanings of words with common Latin suffixes.

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Latin suffixes

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A suffix is a combination of letters placed at the end of a root word to modify the meaning of the root or base word. These go hand-in-hand with prefixes, or short letter combinations that go at the beginning of a root word to modify it. This lesson will help students be able to recognize the difference between these two and to identify common suffixes.

Common suffixes include:
- er
- ness
- ment
- ation
- able

Learning Objective

Students will be able to recognize, understand, and use words with common Latin suffixes.


Students will review common prefixes and suffixes. Students will read many words and identify the words with prefixes and suffixes.


Students will look at root words that are separated from suffixes and match the suffixes to the root words. They will drag words with suffixes to their matching definitions (e.g., "happiness" to "the state of being happy"). They will also complete sentences with words with suffixes. Students will determine the meaning of words, such as "producer" and "adorable."


Students will answer 10 questions identifying words with prefixes and suffixes, providing the definitions for suffixes, and distinguishing between prefixes and suffixes.


Have students recall what they learned about Latin suffixes and play a spin the wheel game about suffixes. Lastly, students will write a sentence that includes a suffix.

Teaching tips

Invite a student up to the Interactive Whiteboard to Spin the Wheel on slide 13. Can your class guess all the correct suffixes for the words?

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