I can identify homographs and use them correctly.

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Homographs are words that have multiple meanings but the same spelling. The pronunciation of the words will typically vary based on whether the homograph is a noun or verb, as homographs typically are. Homographs are very common in English, and by understanding them better students can expand their vocabulary and improve their reading comprehension.

Common homographs include:

- Ride
- Park
- Live
- Bank
- Wave



Learning Objective

Students will be able to identify and correctly use homographs.


Students will read a passage and discuss what they notice about the words in red. Explain that homographs are words with the same spelling but two or more different meanings, like the word, "bat," from the previous passage. Discuss why it is important to understand homographs.


Explain that homographs will often have different pronunciations if they are used as a noun or a verb, such as "record player" or "record notes." Students will read and/or listen to some examples of common homographs.

Next, they will sort words that are just nouns or are both a noun and verb. They will also complete sentences with the correct homographs. They will then draw both meanings of several homographs. They will solve homograph riddles.


These ten true/false and multiple-choice problems quiz students on the characteristics of homographs and then ask them to correctly identify numerous homographs.


What are homographs and why are they important? How many can you think of?

Spin the wheel to choose a random homograph, and then act it out.

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