Day and Night Clock
Day and Night Clock

Day and Night Clock

Learn about daytime and nighttime with analog and digital clocks.

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The Day and Night Clock allows you to demonstrate the passage of time visually on the board. This tool uses a clock in combination with images of the sun and moon. As time progresses, the position of the sun and moon changes as well.


This tool shows a digital and an analog clock together. The clocks and the corresponding images of the sun and moon show if it is daytime or nighttime.

When you change the time on the digital clock, the analog clock is automatically also changed. Use the plus and minus buttons below the clock. You can also change the time on the analog clock by dragging the hands. The time on the digital clock also automatically changes along with the analog clock. You can select a random time by clicking the shuffle button.

We have a wide variety of options available to adjust this tool. You can hide the digital clock in the settings and only display the analog clock. You also have options to hide or show the hands on the analog clock. You can also expand the information on the clock face with minutes and 24-hour time.

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