Common prefixes and suffixes

Common prefixes and suffixes

I can add prefixes and suffixes to root words.

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Common prefixes and suffixes

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Prefixes and suffixes are short modifiers that help us transform the meaning of words. Being able to recognize common prefixes and suffixes is helpful because it can help you guess what a word means even when you don't know its exact definition.

A prefix comes at the beginning of a root word, and a suffix comes at the end. Generally speaking, a prefix will reverse the meaning of a root word, while a suffix is more likely to add to the original meaning of the root word.



Learning objective

Students will be able to add suffixes and prefixes to root words.


Students will think of words that start with "re-." They will also think of words that end in "-ful."


Explain prefixes, words that change the root word at the beginning, and suffixes, words that change the root word at the end. Next, students will sort affixes into prefixes and suffixes. They will also name prefixes and suffixes, as well their meanings.

Students will complete sentences by adding a prefix or suffix to the words. They will then read sentences and determine whether the words with affixes were used correctly.


Students will respond to ten questions that practice the common prefixes and suffixes covered in the lesson.


Students will recall what they learned:
- Why is this useful to know?
- What are prefixes?
- What are suffixes?

Students will play a short spin the wheel activity. They will also write a short story using the given prefixes and suffixes.

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