Common Greek and Latin affixes and roots
Common Greek and Latin affixes and roots

Common Greek and Latin affixes and roots

I can use roots, prefixes, and suffixes to determine the meaning of a word.

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Prefixes and suffixes are everywhere in English. A prefix is a set of letters that goes at the beginning of a root word to change the meaning of the word, while a suffix does the same but at the end of the word.

Prefixes and suffixes have set meanings that can give readers hints about what an unfamiliar word may mean if it includes a recognizable prefix or suffix. By learning to recognize when prefixes and suffixes are being used, students can improve their reading comprehension.

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Learning Objective

Students will be able to use roots, prefixes, and suffixes to determine the meaning of a word.


Students will read a few sentences about a home. They will pay specific attention to the underlined words (which have a prefix or suffix). Ask students to name other words with prefixes and suffixes. Discuss why it is important to know different word parts.


Review the concepts or prefixes, roots, and suffixes. Show the prefixes, bi-, bio-, mis-, and -re, and discuss the examples provided.

Students will read examples of other prefixes, such as anti- and ex-. Students will check the meaning of each prefix. They will match pictures to their correct prefixes. They will also complete sentences using words with prefixes.

Next, students will read examples of suffixes, like "happiness" and "friendship." They will match root words to their corresponding suffixes.


These ten multiple-choice and true/false problems ask students to distinguish between prefixes and suffixes. They also ask how prefixes and suffixes can alter the meaning of a root word.


What are prefixes, suffixes, and roots? What are some examples? Why are these important?

Teaching tips

Consider separating students into groups to see how many prefixes and suffixes they can come up with!

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