Commas in a series

I can separate ideas in a series with a comma.

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Commas in a series

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Commas help us organize our writing. One common usage of commas is when we list items in a series. This is a common writing tool and it is important that students know how to correctly use commas in this situation. When listing items in a series, a comma should be used to separate every item except the last.

This lesson includes numerous interactive lessons that give students the opportunity to correctly place commas when listing items in a series.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to properly separate items in a series with commas.


Students will turn and talk to a partner about three things they would do at the amusement park.


Commas are used to separate ideas or things in a series. They go after each idea except for the last one. Students will go over when to use the words "and" and "or" as the word before the last idea. Students will read two different versions of the same sentence and determine which one used commas correctly. They will read sentences and drag and drop commas to where they are needed if missing. Students will read a story about a wedding and add commas where needed.


Students will answer 10 questions about commas in series. They will determine if sentences are written correctly with commas and decide where commas should go.


Students will recall: When do we use commas in sentences? Why do we use commas when listing objects or ideas in a series?

Students will create a sentence with a series to describe the images of fruit. Lastly, they will write a sentence that includes a series of things or ideas describing a picture.

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