Ask and answer questions about a story

Ask and answer questions about a story

I can ask and answer questions about key details in a fictional text.

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Ask and answer questions about a story

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Students will be introduced to the idea of asking questions about key details in a text that they are curious about and then going back to the text to look for the answers to these questions. They will be given the language necessary to achieve these skills and provided with short story texts to practice asking and answering questions.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to ask and answer important questions about a text being read.


Students observe a picture on the board and think about what they would like to know more about. What questions can they ask? Share with the class. After this, take another look at the picture and try to find the answers to those questions.


Explain what key details are and where you can find them (in the pictures and text). Tell students that they can begin asking questions with the phrase, "I wonder..." and show some question words like "Who" and "What." Explain that before you begin reading, you can scan the page and ask questions. Then reading and use the information to answer in a complete sentence! Have students preview the questions and read the story. Then draw a line to match the questions to the answers. After this, match the question word to the most appropriate sentence. Next, uncover to reveal illustrations. Then spin the wheel to ask a question beginning with "I wonder..." Then uncover the rest to read the text. Finally, answer the previous question in a complete sentence.


Students respond to 10 questions about question words and they answer questions about a passage.


Students spin the wheel and ask a question about the picture. Then uncover to read the passage and try to answer the question asked.

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Teaching Tips

Asking questions about the text we are reading helps engage more deeply with what we are reading. By asking questions of the text, it also helps us to:

- Set reading goals (what information should I come away with?)
- Think deeper about the test (what is the author trying to convey?)
- Make predictions (how might the details I'm learning now inform the text as it progresses?)
- Better understand the story (why is this story unfolding the way it is?)

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