digibord with hourglass timer and normal timer

Use Interactive Clocks and Timers on Your Interactive Whiteboard Today

Keeping, Telling and Teaching Time with Gynzy.

Learning to tell and keep time is one of the most important skills for a young student to learn. Gynzy helps teachers make this important concept easy for students with interactive clocks and timers that are used throughout our pre-made lesson plans. You can also access these tools as widgets in our Library as you customize or create lessons of your own.

Combined with our easy-to-use classroom management tools, Gynzy is the all-in-one online whiteboard that will save you time and help engage your students like never before. Start exploring today!

The Analog Clock

This simple analog clock includes second, minute and hour hands that will tick in real time. As with all Gynzy tools, resizing the clock is as simple as touching and dragging the arrow icons that appear on the bottom right of the tool when you press it. The dots on the top left allow you to lock the clock into place, or have it appear at the same spot on all the pages in your lesson.

Analog clock for Gynzy
Digital clock for Gynzy

The Digital Clock

The digital clock works in real time and can be set to 12-hour a.m. and p.m. time, or 24-hour “military” time. Like other clocks and tools on Gynzy, the digital clock can be resized with the arrows on the bottom-right of the tool. You can also have it appear on all pages of your lesson by dragging the digital clock to where you’d like it to appear, clicking “show on all pages” from the options sign that appears at the top-left of the tool, and then locking it into place.

The Timer

Keeping students working in a timely manner is crucial to maintain for an efficient learning environment. With the Gynzy timer tool, you can easily show students how much time is left for an assignment, test or presentation, making it easier than ever to control the pace of your classroom.

The red portion of the timer makes it easy to immediately tell how much time is left. A sound will play when time is up, and this sound is customizable from the gear icons on the bottom left, which is also where you can set how long you want the timer to run for. Starting or resetting the timer is done with the blue buttons below the clock face.

Hourglass for Gynzy

The Hourglass

The hourglass gives you another engaging tool with which to set time limits on an assignment or presentation. As with the timer, the hourglass can be set anywhere between one second and one hour. This tool lets you actually watch sand fall until you’ve reached the end of the time you set. The buzzer noise that sounds when time is up can also be customized.

The Stopwatch

The stopwatch tool is a great addition to in-class activities. If you are splitting students into groups to try accomplishing some goal or solve some problem, using a stopwatch  can be a fun way to add a sense of competition and see who can complete it the fastest. It could also be used with our Brain Breaks or Energizers activities to see how long it takes students to complete simple in-class exercises such as jumping jacks or jogging in place.

Stopwatch for Gynzy
Adjustable analog clock for Gynzy

The Adjustable Analog Clock

Once your students are comfortable with reading a clock and telling time, you may decide to give them a few problems so they can practice what they’ve learned. While there’s many possible ways to do this, the adjustable analog clock from Gynzy makes it easier than ever.

The starting time of the clock can be easily edited so you can create problems however you’d like. The plus and minus signs below the clock give you a way to move backwards or forwards in time. The increment of time that the clock moves in can be changed in the settings of the tool.

Looking for lesson plans about reading time?

Learning to read a clock and tell time is an essential skill for any student. If you’re looking for premade and fully customizable lessons about the basics of reading an analog and digital clock, or even just looking for time-telling activities you can share with your students, Gynzy has you covered:

Remember, our clocks and timers are just a few of the tools available on our online whiteboard to empower teachers and help them keep class organized.