Gynzy’s tools go beyond student engagement.  Their classroom management resources are useful for teachers and fun for students. It makes classroom management easier and more fun for your students.

Classroom arrangement

I myself am currently on summer break but come August, Class Arrangement will be the first tool I use. It is a tool that allows you to insert all your students names and create a floor plan for the upcoming period.

Within Gynzy there is a short explenation of the tool, by clicking on the “More info” button Gynzy will give you detailed directions on how to use the tool.

I use the desk colors to differentiate between boys and girls.  You can also add more furniture, such as your teacher desk and computers, or even shuffle the students with the click of a button.  Once I am finished arranging my room, I can print out the floor plan and file it in my sub folder.  This is much better and easier than my usually handdrawn version.

Group creation

The classroom management tool I use most throughout the year is Name Order and Group Creation, in order to create groups for projects.

You can easily enter all your students names into this activity and select the students you want to devide in groups. I am able to divide my students into any number of groups that will put a minimum of two students in a group or a minimum of two groups.

Prior to this tool, I would draw name sticks, place them in groups, and verbally announce the final arrangements.  Name Order and Group Creator is a time saver and holds the students’ attention for the short amount of time it takes to form groups.  I get a kick out of the students’ anticipation while they wait to see the end result.  If a grouping appears in which I want to change, I simply click on “create groups” again and a new arrangement appears.

Pick your partner

Or, if you want to make it fun for the students, let them have a hand in selecting their partner with Pick Your Partner.

Once the activity starts, one student’s name is displayed.  That student comes up to the board and selects an object.  The object disappears and reveals the name of their partner.
Next, the name of another student is displayed and they select their object/partner.  As objects are selected, those icons disappear leaving only available objects/partners.
When finished, the overview of groups is displayed.

What I love about Pick Your Partner is that the teacher is out of the equation.  Students at any level are able to continue through this process until all students are placed. As a matter of fact, my 4th grade students were able to start this activity without me as well.  If I was finishing an activity with a student, I was able to ask another student to open Gynzy, I have it saved on my desktop, click on “favorites” and open the Pick Your Partner tool.  That works out perfectly!

Thank you Gynzy for creating classroom management tools that are easy to use for both teacher and students.