digibord with hourglass timer and normal timer

Empower Every Minute with Classroom Timers

Streamline teaching, engage students, and manage the classroom effectively.

Classroom Timers from Gynzy

Classroom management is an important skill for teachers, because it’s the foundation upon which effective teaching and learning are built. But managing a room full of young students is no small feat. 

Imagine the ability to combine foundational management techniques with the precision and reliability of digital timers for the classroom.

Welcome to a new world of streamlined teaching and engaged learning!


Display a classroom countdown timer on your interactive whiteboard and watch it transform into a useful management tool that steers transitions, sets activity boundaries, and adds the right amount of urgency to tasks. 

Timed tests, reading sessions, or rotations between learning stations—a classroom timer clarifies the time available, sharpening student focus and enabling teachers to uphold a structured learning atmosphere.



If you’ve ever used a classic sand timer for the classroom, now you can embrace the timeless tradition with a twist! The hourglass is a visually captivating timekeeper that’s especially beneficial for young learners grappling with the concept of time.

Projecting an hourglass onto your interactive whiteboard during 'quiet time' or individual reading offers a clear indication of time passing. It builds anticipation and discipline as students witness the sand slip away, a gentle nudge that time is precious.


Add a dash of excitement with our stopwatch and transform real-time tracking into a fun classroom experience.

Perfectly visible on an interactive whiteboard, this visual classroom timer becomes the go-to for competitive games, swift responses in Q&A sessions, or measuring the class's settling time post-transition.

independent study timer

Study Timer

The study timer stands as the quintessential tool for managing study blocks and breaks with precision. Suited for the Pomodoro Technique or sustained silent reading, it encourages students to master the art of focus and relaxation.

Looking for a quick 10-minute timer for the classroom? Our study timer offers a range of pre-selected intervals that you can pull up quickly to showcase on an interactive whiteboard or digital display, for example.

Why is classroom management important?

It sets the stage for learning. Students are more attentive, participation increases, and the educational experience is enriched for everyone involved.  

It fosters academic excellence. Less time spent on behavioral issues means more time focused on the curriculum. The result? Improved academic performance and a class full of budding scholars.

It builds emotional resilience. A well-managed classroom provides a safe space for students. They learn important life skills like patience, cooperation, and respect.

How to use timers for the classroom

Time management: As an educator, you know the significance of a well-paced lesson. But it's easy to lose track of time. With a digital timer at your disposal, you and your students can remain aware of time, ensuring that every lesson is optimally paced and each activity is given the time it deserves.

Behavior management: Behavioral issues can disrupt even the best teaching strategies. Use timers to manage 'time-outs' or to challenge your class with timed rewards. Either way, you're setting up a system that reinforces good behavior while curbing the bad.

Academic activities: Whether it's a pop quiz, a reading session, or a group project, timing can be everything. Conduct these activities with the assurance that a digital timer brings, allowing you and your students to focus solely on the task at hand.

Focus and attention: Distracted students can be a teacher’s nightmare. Set timers for short, concentrated work sessions followed by quick breaks. This not only boosts productivity but also helps manage the attention spans of young learners.

Special needs adaptation: Every student is unique, and some require more tailored approaches. Digital timers come with features like visual countdowns and auditory cues, catering to the diverse needs and learning styles of all your students.