About Life Terra

Life Terra is founded on the knowledge that tree planting is regarded as the most cost-effective nature-based solution to capture carbon. As part of a multi-faceted mitigation strategy, planting trees can play an important role in the fight against climate change and the devastation it causes (heat waves, drought, forest loss, desertification, erosion, flooding).

Life Terra seeks to bring people together to plant 500 million trees in 5 years, harnessing and monitoring nature’s own carbon capture mechanism and enabling citizens to take urgent action against the climate crisis..

Life Terra is one of Europe’s largest climate action initiatives. It brings together 15 experienced organizations from 8 countries and is led by the newly established Life Terra foundation. This project was awarded €7 mln support by the Life Programme, which the consortium will use as seed money to put this initiative on the map. More information about the Life project can be found under Actions and Expected results.

“The pace of climate action remains too slow and must be accelerated” –  UNFCCC


  1. Planting
    It is essential to Life Terra’s planting plan, to plant a diverse mix of tree species. Life Terra believes firmly in “the right tree in the right place”, for more effective land restoration and greater ecosystem resilience.

2. Monitoring
Monitoring trees is important to ensure that the climate & environmental benefits we claim to make are happening! Life Terra is developing a state-of-the-art monitoring program, where you can track your tree.


Life Terra is working with educational specialists to create a STEM based, interactive environmental education program for children ages 8-14, since education is our most valuable investment.

4. Community
Involvement of the community is key to success. Life Terra can use any help planting and teaching people how to plant, to scale tree planting and speed up the pace of climate action.



  1. Engage
    Engage a record number of individual citizens and stakeholders to take action towards climate change mitigation by facilitating the planting of 500 million trees in Europe by 2025
  2. Connect
    Connect these participants through an innovative and comprehensive web platform and app that organizes and streamlines the planting process
  3. Innovate
    Innovate in the latest monitoring and satellite technologies to provide citizens and specialists alike with precise and transparent data on trees planted
  4. Inspire
    Inspire the next generation of EU citizens to thrive in the face of climate change challenges, through a unique STEM based sustainability education program
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