Gynzy’s updated Birthday Cake is now more interactive and customizable than ever before. Make the cake look however you want, and then blow out the candles by getting your timing just right. Every birthday celebration is exciting and memorable with a Birthday Cake from Gynzy. 

Would you like to create an unforgettable birthday celebration in your classroom? Gynzy’s new Birthday Cake tool can help you out! This tasty virtual cake is fully customizable to make for a personalized birthday experience. Let your students pick their favorite cake, decoration, birthday song and background. Top it off by blowing out the candles at the right moment and they might even discover that the balloons can be popped!


birthday cake

The new revamped birthday cake to celebrate in your classroom.


Try out the new birthday cake


Personalize your cake by entering the name and age of the birthday boy or girl, and then choose from 7 delicious varieties of cake, 16 tasty toppings, 6 colorful backgrounds, and 5 catchy birthday songs. Ready to celebrate?

Tip: To change the music of the birthday party, click the gear icon in the bottom left corner.