The customizable virtual birthday cake from Gynzy includes candles, music, and balloons, making it the perfect way to celebrate a birthday even when you’re not in the same space. Make the cake look however you want, and then blow out the candles by getting your timing just right.

The Gynzy birthday cake is a great way to celebrate birthdays in an online learning environment. Start by writing the name of the birthday boy or girl and adding the appropriate number of candles. The cake can be further customized including icing, toppings, and the background of the celebration.

When you’re finished customizing your birthday cake, it’s time to celebrate with candles and a birthday song. Some advice for blowing out the candles: Try and blow out the candles when the bar is full to get them all at once!

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birthday cake

The new revamped birthday cake to celebrate in your classroom.

Try out the new birthday cake

Play Learning Games with Gynzy

Gynzy is loaded with educational games and activities that could be used to celebrate a student’s birthday in a blended or virtual learning environment. Here are a few games that can engage students’ brains while they have fun:

You can also find other learning activities and pre-made lesson plans in our Library. Enrich your online learning capabilities with Gynzy!