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Educational games can be a nice break from the text-based lesson plans that students are used to. Gynzy has a freely-available library of educational games and activities for students that are as much fun at home as they are on an Interactive Whiteboard.

These games and activities help build important skills such as counting, addition and subtraction, times tables, spelling, vocabulary, and more. Encourage students to find the games they enjoy the most!

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Explore some of our educational games

Pac-Man (Addition & Subtraction)

Practice addition and subtraction while playing Pac-Man!

Pacman Add & Subtract

Snake – States & Capitals

Test your US States & Capitals knowledge with this game!

Snakes States & Capitals

Word Search – Sight Words

Practice identifying sight words in these word searches!

Online Puzzles

Choose between 12, 20, or 35 pieces in these digital puzzles.

Memory – Clocks

Learn to read analog & digital clocks with this memory game.

Memory - Clocks

Sequencing – Alphabet

Learn the order of the alphabet in this sequencing game.

Fruit Pirate – Times Tables

Slice the fruit to answer the multiplication problems!

Fruit Pirate - Times Tables

Drawing – Spring

Practice coloring online with these Spring-themed drawings.

Online Coloring - Gynzy


Make as many words as you can in this game!

Word Games - Gynzy
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