Not only are memory games fun for students to play, they can cover different topics, making them a versatile game for teachers to integrate into their online lesson plans. With Gynzy, students can access 11 different memory games that test their knowledge of addition and subtraction, telling time, geography, and more. Create an account today to start accessing our games, and even creating memory games of your own!

Make Your Own Memory Game

Our customizable memory game tool allows teachers to add custom sets of words or images to create a custom memory game. You can add images to your word and image lists by searching our image library, or by uploading pictures of your own from Google Drive.

Once you’ve added the list of words or images you want to use (you can easily add and switch between multiple lists), go to the settings and choose the number of cards you want to appear and the number of teams that are playing. 

Pro tip: you can use images that you upload from your computer or Google Drive, or you can just use images from our built-in image library!

Practice Counting, Adding and Subtracting

Learning to work with numbers is an important part of every young student’s development. These games let students practice those skills in a way they will enjoy: 

These games can be combined with our math lesson plans to create a dynamic lesson plan that students will be able to enjoy no matter where they are located.

Matching Clocks to Practice Telling Time

Time management is a skill we use throughout our lives, and that starts with being able to read a clock and understand how increments of time are commonly expressed. These games help students practice that:

These memory games are just one way that Gynzy helps young students learn to keep and tell time. Our toolbar features numerous clocks and timers that help keep class on track and students to become familiar with telling time. 

Other Memory Games from Gynzy

Our memory games are also suitable for young students learning to recognize shapes, as well as older students who want to practice their US history or geography. 

One game asks students to match single objects of the same shape, making this an ideal choice for younger students who aren’t comfortable counting yet. The animal shadow matching game is also a fun option for students who love animals. 

Geography can sometimes be an intimidating topic for students to approach, but our US States matching game helps make the topic a bit more appealing. For students who really want a challenge, our US President matching game asks students to match a name to a face for different American Presidents.

Brain Games that Will Keep Students’ Attention

It’s important to give students different ways to understand new material, and educational games can be a great way to do this. To get started, simply create an account and begin browsing more fun activities like our memory games for kids. When you see one you like, simply save it to your Gynzy profile. Remember that you can easily customize all the pre-made lessons on our Library, or create your own from scratch. 

Gynzy provides users with a central, digital hub where both teachers and students can access learning materials, ideal for a blended learning environment where not everybody is in the same location.